Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[twitter update] 30.03.2011 international driving license

면허증갱신하러갔는데 엄마가 옆창구에 '국제면허증'이라는 글을보시고 내 미국면허증(5년전에 땄음)온김에 갱신하라신다 헐..

google translation
she went to renew my license yeopchanggue 'international driver's license' geuleulbo sigo a license in the U.S. (five years ago ttateum) hull does make updates in town ..

hwangbo deleted the photo not long after she twitted it. i think certain info might be too excessive thus i hide the address and the card ID. what caught my intention was, at the bottom part of the license, it stated that she is an organ donor?

source: hwangbo's cyworld
credit: hwangbo's cyworld

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