Monday, May 9, 2011

[translation] hwangbo sends sick dongho to rest

in muhan girls episode 22 (05.05.2011), hwangbo conversed with dongho of u-kiss, “i heard you caught a cold these days because of your harsh schedule”. to which dongho replied, “yes, although i’m sick, i’m not able to properly rest or eat because of my busy schedule”.

without even a second of contemplating hwangbo followed up by showing dongho to the break room, “even though you should be resting. okay, i will let you rest”. hwangbo then cooly continued, “please take your leave. go and have a nice rest”.

for the remaining half episode of muhan girls, ukiss and the MCs continued on without dongho. watch the full episode here

source: simplyhwangbo
credit: translation by simplyhwangbo


  1. That's nice of her. She can get away with that since she's has the senior status in the entertainment industry.

  2. She is such a sweet angel!