Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[translation] hwangbo talked about her chakra days

When Hwangbo debuted as Chakra, she became a star overnight. in sumiok (episode 4 on 29.04.2011), Hwangbo stated, “I couldn’t go anywhere without getting noticed”. Surprisingly, Hwangbo stated, “It could sound conceited of me, but in the beginning, I wished that Chakra wouldn’t do well”. All good things also come with great hardships. Hwangbo stated, “Because if our group didn’t do well, then our group would disband. Then I’d be able to return living as a normal person again”.

Working in the Korean entertainment circle is tough. It’s no big surprise to Hallyu fans all around the world. We always get news of idols fainting from exhaustion even to the point of getting hospitalized requiring an IV drip. Adding onto exhaustion, working as a celebrity takes a great toll to your mental health. Especially if ones company manages everything about your life. This was probably the case for Hwangbo.

Hwangbo stated, “At the time, we (chakra members) weren’t allowed to do anything we wanted to do. All our cell phones were taken away. Our private lives were being watched over 24/7”. Hwangbo continued, ” But when we debuted, we did very well. We even won first place. At that moment, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to live as a normal person ever again”.

When the MC of the show asked Hwangbo, “Don’t you miss the days when you had wonderful fan chants and screams?”. Hwangbo answered, “Sometimes, I think to myself as I watch my juniors, if only I was a bit younger. When I was younger, I used to be able to memorize dance choreographs the best and fastest. I’d just work really hard, finish it up real quick, and go home early. But as I aged, I began to feel my limit. I wasn’t able to memorize things like I use to anymore. It shocked me, I’m working so hard yet I can’t memorize it like I used to”. watch this interesting show, full episode here and hwangbo cut here.

source: simplyhwangbo
credit: translation by simplyhwangbo, photo as tagged

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