Saturday, January 7, 2012

[muhan girls] episode 57, official photos

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[twitter update] 04.01.2012 hwangbo and friends

대박조짐 영화"댄싱퀸" 엄욘세 엄정화언니의 정열이 가득한 영화 마지막엔 모두의 가슴에 깊은 감동과 메세지로 우릴...깨달음으로 이끌었어요 화이팅! 영화 재밌다!!!!!!!

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[twitter update] 05.01.2012 hwangbo and friends

연말에 못본 동생들과 신년 점심회동~황보,은이씨랑... 올만에 반갑고 즐거운 시간~~^^
the new year lunch meeting at the end of the year with younger sisters ~ hwangbo and eunni... good to see you after long time ~~^^

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[article] 04.01.2012 hwangbo at vip premiere of 'dancing queen'

hwangbo attended vip movie premier of 'dancing queen' which to be released on 19 january 2012. details here, here and here

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[cyworld update] 31.12.2011 hwangbo, friends and tom cruise

2011년 12월 31일의 일상
연말에 남자에게 고백받았다
day 31 december 2011
testimony from a man at the end of the year
i am happy
admiring character

2011년 12월 31일의 일상
나에게 고백한 세현이랑 ㅋㅋ
배우 황정민님의 아드님
귀여워 죽겄어 쪼옥 ~
day 31 december 2011
seohyun who confessed to me ㅋㅋ
son-nim of actor hwang jongmin-nim
happy and cute ~

유성쌤과 나오미
헤어중 ㅋㅋ
with younger teacher naomi
hye oujung ㅋㅋ

진쓰귀는 당나귀귀
jin's ears dangna ears

3780 망년회
클쓰 선물교환
3780 year-end time
christmas gifts exchange

클쓰 광주공연
크리스마스라면 당연히 남자랑 있어줘야지....
ㅠㅠ 안무 박은영쌤과
christmas gwangjoo performance
during christmas naturally man should be around....
ㅠㅠ choreographer teacher park eun yong

그래도 케익
therefore cake

영화 ''탑건''
그가 20대일때 영화를 봤다
미소는 정말 백만불짜리...
참치의 미소만큼..
나의 패이보릿 배우
what i want..
movie ''top gun''
tom cruise
he was in his 20 when i saw that movie
that million dollar smile
as long as he smile
my favourite actor

what is 클쓰? here i translate as girls (thanks to anon who corrected me. it's meant christmas). normally the spelling is different. not so sure of hwangbo's thought about tom cruise smile either. feel free to correct me. thanks!

source: hwangbo's cyworld
credit: hwangbo's cyworld, roughly translated by Diary of Angel