Friday, November 15, 2013

[twitter] profile photo of hwangbo's manager, choi hong won

must be taken during photo shoot of hwangbo's album jacket for arisong. i didn't see him around hb for quiet sometime though.

source: choihongwon at twitter
credit: choihongwon at twitter

[muhan girls] episode 151, filming photos

source: 2hjforest

[endorsement] hwangbo and jealousy 5

source: 2hjforest

[muhan girls] 11.11.2013 episode 153, screecap

i didn't update for a very long time isn't it? i feel guilty too. i miss her a lot. i hope i can update more often. pray for my determination! fighting!

source: uploader at dailymotion
credit: screencap by hwangbo-angel

Friday, October 25, 2013

[twitter update] 25.10.2013 pictorial

*beautiful! she was filming muhan girls*

source: hwangbo's twitter
credit: hwangbo's twitter