Friday, May 18, 2012

[muhan girls] 17.05.2012 episode 76, full cut

now i know song eunni can read english very well. so you guys should not worry when twitting her in english. hopefully shin young will not keep kicking yongmi in next episode. yongmi already looks sick, kick her here and there won't make any good.

this is another great episode! glad the girls were complete seven. they made fun of hwangbo who was sleeping during the recording. lol. did hwangbo get angry at shin young for revealing her photo? i can't wait to watch next episode. first, the girl going to perform acapella. second, hwangbo looks awesome in red and white. direct link for today's episode is here (youku) and here (sohu).

source: irenecwailan and sulem08 at twitter
credit: uploaders