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[funfun life] 02.04.2009 nothing to do? blind vacation!

The spring of the year before the last, I went to YongSan station with my friend. This is because it was the first bus that came to pick us up. If the bus was heading to Seoul came first, we would have probably gone to Seoul. I arrive to YongSan station. I don’t bother to look at maps and head straight to the nearest train station as I hop onto the first one I can get on. I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know where I’ll get off, and I don’t have anything planned.

This is what I call “blind vacation”. I’ve been finding vacation spots in this way for the last five years. Five years ago, I had become burned out with the celebrity lifestyle that I was living. My celebrity lifestyle never allowed any room for a normal vacation, it was suffocating. The only place I was allowed to go to by myself was my great grandmother’s house that lived in JunNam YeongAhm. I even had to go through a meeting with the staff of my agency to discuss how I would take my vacation. I was frustrated why I had to select a specific destination point and a specific person to meet. I wanted to find out where I would end up if I took off without planning anything. So, I decided to go on blind vacation. With who you ask? I didn’t plan that either. The day I go on blind vacations I would wait for someone to call me. I would ask them “If you don’t have anything planned for today, let’s go see the world!”. The majority of the time, they answered, “no thanks”. Rarely people would answer, “sure”. I would then go on a blind vacation with that person. It’s still my way of vacationing today.

I go on these blind vacations the most during the winter seasons. I’m able to mask myself with scarves and masks so, I’m able to lay low very easily. I’m a celebrity so they recognize me easily. kukuku. I’ve become braver these days, so I find myself heading out in even the spring seasons with a simple cap.

The charming points of blind vacations are the excitement of adventuring into an unknown land and observing things you’ve never seen before. It’s even interesting seeing the world outside from the car windows, even the environment inside the train stations seems special. I would witness random couples fighting, shop owners complaining to their regular daytime drinkers to pay up, and old ladies who complain that you stole her spot. I am once again reminded that I too am living, moving, and speaking as I observe all these people.

The station which I wanted to get off at was PoHang. I took the bus all the way to the nearest ocean. It was a tranquil secluded beach. The clothes I was wearing that day was shabby and I had plastered on a band aid plastered on my face from the injury I got from a schedule I had in China. My friend was embarrassed of me, however I felt it was such a comedic amusing situation. I wrote my name on the sandy beach, I even screamed out the name of my love there. I felt alive again. We each picked up a random stick as we walked around the narrow roads of this town playing “JJANG of the ally way" (t/n: JJANG means boss).

The most amusing thing to do is observing people. The old ladies who all have different clothes and faces while they all share the same hairstyle, permed and short; the little children who are whining, the people who are selling, and the people who stare at me with amused eyes. I hope they had a nice day wondering if it was really celebrity Hwangbo with a band-aid plastered on. Suddenly, I remember my mother, everyone works so hard to keep on living.

I saw a random rich person in the supermarket, a father who was dead drunk with his hand covered in gauze, probably because he hit someone since his face was also severely wounded. He allowed his child to get anything from the market. The father took out a five dollar bill. The child picked a single bag of chips, the father then told his child “You can pick more things”. However, the child replied, “You can go buy your soju with the change”. Whenever I remember that day again, I feel a lump form in my throat.

I had taken this trip because I was exhausted of my own life. However, I meet people whose lives are worst than mine. On these blind vacations, I learn more about life. I observe, listen, and feel. The essence of life lies all over our very earth.

I hope that I could also go on a blind vacation on my honeymoon. On days where you want to taste a bit of happiness, lets leave on a blind vacation! But, blind vacations have rules too.
1. Never determine your destination. However, it’s okay to select north, south, east, or west. There’s a limit to how far you can go up north. So, sooner or later you’ll end up going south again.
2. You cannot reserve friends to go with you. However, you can go with friends who accidentally happen to cross your path that day. Vacationing alone also has its charming points.
3. Digital cameras are a must. Any memories must have its photo taken.
4. You may not use your credit card. Only cash!
5. Um… It’s just my recommendation, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to go on these vacations with your new lover ( Since girls always look forward to the event vacations their boyfriends set up for them! ^_^).

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credit: translation by simplyhwangbo

[photoshoot] hwangbo for KRA

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[twitter update] 01.07.2012 hwangbo and friends

컴패션 밴드의 리더 심 태윤 삼촌과 황 보 이모 그리고 강 경헌 이모~~ 지금 하율인 모해??~~ㅋㅋ
compassion band leader uncle shim taeyeon and auntie hwangbo. also auntie kang kyeong heon. what are you doing now?? ~~ ㅋㅋ

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[guesting] 01.07.2012 lee seung yeon and 100 women, translation

i super love their friendship. lee eun smile brightly listening to hwangbo messages and hwangbo sincerely prayed for her dongsaeng happiness. here some article (by allkpop) related to the show too. enjoy!

MC: Lee Eun-shi, you were the youngest from the group and had a very shy personality. Why did you decided to join the group?
Eun: Ten years ago, I was studying at a computer school. When I was eating Dukbokki in Kangnam Yeok, I was casted by a passing car.
MC: Car?
Eun: Producer Lee SangIn and a management person came out of the car. Even though being an entertainer, the character is not who I am, but when I think about it now, the reason I was able to have this career was because I was curious and had a lot of fun. Unnie, members gave me lots of love and I felt that since I was the youngest in the group, everyone gave me lots of love and attention!
MC: Your members from the past send you a cheering message.
MC: Even with her busy schedule she send you a message.
Hwangbo: Hello there! This is Hwangbo! I know everything about Lee Eun and she's like my own family.
Eun: I think I am going to tear up!

Question: Did you predict Lee Eun going to get married first?
Hwangbo: among members we thought about who'll get marry first, we know it's going to be Eun-ie. Isn't it always the unexpected person to get married first? See, she got married first!

Question: During height of their activities
Hwangbo: During the heights of our career, sometimes we had 8 to 10 events which made us very tired. Even though the car carrying us to the event was going very fast, Eun was able to sleep. She was so tired, she was drooling in her sleep. For me, instead of wiping her drool from her chin, i was just holding on her chin letting it drool. When she woke up she got so embarrassed. I am that kind of unnie (jokester). I did a lot for her, except change her diaper (she meant that she raised her). It's just an old story.

Question: Video message to Eun
Hwangbo: Eun-ahi! Your real name is Lee Kyung Eue. Remember the time we met for the first time? Since then our lives are forever linked. Even though we are no longer Chakra, I had this idea and felt that I needed to take the responsibility for your well-being. Because of my concern toward you I nag a lot because I was afraid you might stray far from the right direction. You may not notice it but I cried bucket the day you got married. (I think HB was proud of her little sister). I just wanted to say thank you for living a happy life. Even now, you treat me and respect me like your own older sister, I thank you. Just like now, I want you to have and live a happy, bright future! Eue, Always happy!

Eue: I didn't know it was unnie, I am so sorry I cried easily. She was the unnie that gave me strength.
MC: From the first time you saw her today, why don't you send a video message to her?
Eun: I was shedding tears, because I've always known unnie's kindness and strength she gave me. I can't thank you enough
Eun: *looking at the audience* You can't all cry?

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[guesting] 01.07.2012 lee seung yeon and 100 women, hwangbo short appearance

the show invited married ex-idol to share their stories. there was shoo from s.e.s, kim ez from baby v.o.x and lee eun from chakra. hwangbo appeared at minute 19:00 to gave some words towards lee eun (chakra's maknae). i wish i know chakra before they were disbanded. sigh.

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