Sunday, June 24, 2012

[mbc muhan girls] 24.06.2012 episode 2, full cut

muhan girls second episode this episode was really fun. hwangbo was really funny. the girls were hilarious ENJOYYYYY! direct link is here.

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[nodaji] all episode, cut

all the clips were nicole's cut (one of the MC) but you can see hwangbo in most of the clip. too bad the show didn't last long. i embedded the clips based on the airing date. enjoy!

source: hwangbo soompi
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[guesting] 15.11.2003 who who, hwangbo, rain and others, english subbed

oh my god! how lucky to have this show with english subbed. thanks to rain's fan for translating and subbing. hwangbo have plenty screentime too. enjoy!

source: azura147 at hwangbo soompi
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[article] 22.06.2012 muhan girls's bingo race, humiliation mission

hwangbo to team up with kim shin young and ahn yongmi to formed 'hwangshinyong' team. the trio will turn to superhero spiderman, superman and hulk and wander around hongdae. original article is here.

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[mbc muhan girls] 22.06.2012 filming photos

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[funfun life] 16.04.2009 the things children of poverty taught me.

I head off to this place on the last week of every month. I go to offer my charity with my celebrity friends and compassion family members. We go to anyplace we can offer a helping hand, whether it’s an orphanage, retirement home, welfare facilities, or even hospitals.

Although charity work isn’t very hard, at the same time, it can be difficult to act upon it without hesitation. Before I became a celebrity, I excused myself saying I didn’t have any money. After I became a celebrity, I excused myself saying I didn’t have the time…. Although these are very sorry excuses that doesn’t make lots of sense, it was my rationale.

Donating lots of money can go a longer way than volunteering in various ways. However, after I started volunteer work, I found out that rather than money the people of poverty thirsted more for the hands of others. I can tell you this with confidence because I was a witness of it myself. Whether they were young children, adults, or sick patients they were happier to spend time with volunteers and make a memory rather than receiving a simple present.

Once, we went out at night to offer our help to the homeless. Everyone fought to be the first in line to receive their own portion of food. I was the person who handed out the spoons to everyone. The stench from the homeless was unbearable. It made the pain in my legs from standing too long cute. The smell was so unbearable that I would hold my breath around them and only breath when I was a safe distance away. Although I was contorting my face from their horrible smells and giving off a fake smile, they accepted me with a happy smile and would bow saying thank you with all their hearts.

One time, we went to a handicap welfare facility. I met a girl named Sharon who was my age and mentally retarded. I would playfully call her “Sharon Stone”, from then on; Sharon became the Sharon Stone of the place.

At the time, I was taking part in the program We Got Married. Whenever I visited Sharon, she would tell me to hurry and go home to prepare dinner for my husband. It was funny but I did not want to tell her the truth. She had finally reached the maturation phase of a seven year old and I did not wish to step on her innocent feelings. I felt Sharon’s honesty towards me deep in my heart. Although I’ve done nothing but be her friend and give her high fives, she would playfully call me “Bbo~” (Hwangbo without Hwang), and return a very bright smile.

Last year, we went to Bangladesh for a short-term missionary work. I had to take a malaria medication; it was so potent that I wasn’t sound of mind for a while. While I was sick and tired a young child came and pet my head smiling with a worried look. Although I couldn’t understand a word they said, everything felt weird. Although I didn’t do a thing, although I did nothing for them…. Although all I did was play with them and hug them, they would show the brightest smile for me and thank me with all their hearts.

Not too long ago, I went to Haiti. It is said there are so many starving people in this place that they would make mud cookies and eat them as their daily meal. They are what it’s called, their dried mud in the shape of cookies. Just like in the movie Slumdog Millionaire children would follow us everywhere asking us for food. When they found out we didn’t have much to give them, they returned to their homes. Whenever I see children like this, my heart aches.

Whenever I think of that time, I become thankful to my prosperous country Korea who provides us with various deliciousfoods everyday. Even though just 50 years back our country was almost as poor as Haiti with people starving left and right.

Up until not too long ago, I felt that volunteer work was simply to help others in need- to bring happiness into the lives of others. However, after experiencing it first hand I discovered that this was not true at all. It was the other way around; these people were healing me. Although I went so that I could help them smile, it was me who was gifted with happiness in the end. At first, I didn’t want to tell others that I’m doing charity work. I was worried people would think I was doing this for my own celebrity image purposes. However, in the end I found out that this thought in itself was selfish. Now, when I hear that I have inspired others in my fanclub to start volunteer charity work I feel very satisfied. They tell me they have become very close with the children who are living in poverty. Although, I wasn’t the person who was helping, I realized that it was I who inspired all these people to start charity work and I can’t help but feel proud.

To everyone who badmouths me saying I’m doing this for my own profit as a celebrity! I hope that even for your own profit, you try and do some charity work too. I think it’s also okay if you do charity with those feelings your whole life too. Sooner or later, your fake smiles will turn into true honest smiles. I hope everyone can help with charity work without feeling stressed about such things. You’ll discover that giving can be a greater happiness than receiving.

TIP: You can start volunteering in your local charity like this:
1. Go to your local orphanage, retirement homes, and welfare facilities and share your smile with them.
2. Call compassion (02-743-3550) and then press 4 and inquire about some volunteer work.
3. Call your local welfare center and ask if someone is need of baby sitting, cleaning, and etc.
4. If you have any pocket money or point cards you don’t use, then you can donate them towards a good cause.

credit: simplyhwangbo

[twitter update] 22.06.2012 food for thought

미련한 자는 남을 이해하려 들지 않고 자기 의견만 내세우기 좋아한다.
fools have no interest in understanding, they only want to air their own opinions.

source: hwangbo at twitter
credit: translation by simplyhwangbo