Sunday, February 12, 2012

[muhan girls] 09.02.2012 episode 62, full cut

i think the girls were parodying some drama? not so bad. hwangbo became slave to female king. lol. the hair reminded me of her appearance in some x-man episodes. direct link is here. anybody with me that hwangbo  seems to reduce some weight?

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: irenecwailan at twitvid

[twitter update] 06.02.2012 hwangbo to guest 복불복 100th episode

이정진,오재미,황보,이파니,오지헌,판유걸,진온,곽현화,김지민,한민관,빅죠,졸탄3인,씩스밤,에바,박제현부부,에나멜 복불복쇼 100회특집 손님들

according to imur100 at soompi, this tweet saying hwangbo and some other celebrity will be the guests of 복불복 100th episode. however, neither her or me can find hwangbo in the photo.

source: imur100 at soompi
credit: HeavensZOO at twitter

[endorsement] hwangbo and spris 3

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