Thursday, August 9, 2012

[project] celebrating #Ha33yBirthdayHwangbo

our lovely lady is celebrating her birthday soon. 16 august 2012, do you remember? hwangbo supporters at soompi had some discussion and agreed to do the following:

- write "i love hwangbo because...." 
- paste or draw your country's flag. 
- put birthday tag #Ha33pyBirthdayHwangbo 
- decorate the postcards accordingly 
- sent the postcards to hwangbo's address here
- postcards should reach hwangbo +-2/3 day before or after 16 august 2012 

music video
- send your photo with "remember you have me" board/paper/card to @iambeliever (soompi) or @spazzer2012 (twitter) 
- deadline to sent photos is 15 august 2012
- the rest is up to @iambeliever

- twit hwangbo your birthday wishes with tag #Ha33pyBirthdayHwangbo 
- probably from 12am KST of 16 august 2012 until end of the day

please spread the words to non-english speaker, non-soompi visitor and every single hwangbo supporters. we need more participants. thanks lovelies!

source: soompi
credit: hwangbo supporters

[event] hwangbo to visit LA, United States

August 11, 2012 
Venue: Koreans Grace Church
Time: 7:00 PM
Address: 1645 W Valencia Dr. Fullerton CA 92833 or 150 S Brookhurst Rd. Fullerton CA 92833
Fee: USD15.00 (available at the venue so come early)

August 12, 2012 
Venue: Church of Love
Time: 7:00 PM
Address: 1111 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90012
Fee: USD10.00 (available at the venue so come early)

Additional info:
- other celebrities are lee sangmi, park miseon and song eunni
- the ladies will talk about christian
- susanLA at soompi are gathering fans who want to join her

source: susanLA and aznfemale_59 at soompi
creditsusanLA and aznfemale_59 at soompi

[twitter update] 02.08.2012 korea fighting!

대! 한! 민! 국! 
dae! han! min! kuk!

source: hwangbo at twitter
credit: hwangbo at twitter

[twitter update] 30.07.2012 hwangbolympic

축구보다가 수영보다가 벌써 이시간 ... 
코리아 화이팅!! 나도 함께 출전 ㅋ
this time, football is over, swimming is over...
korea fighting!! me too, i am participating ㅋ

source: hwangbo at twitter
credit: hwangbo at twitter