Friday, May 25, 2012

[twitter update] 24.05.2012 hwangbo and friends

It seems that Hwangbo will be enjoying summer while exercising and having fun with friends.

운동시작! 3개월동안 체지방감소. 근육량증가. 유후! ATLAS 퍼스널트레이닝 스튜디오 짱!! 아자아자 몸짱들 모여랏!
Starting working out. 3 months to lose some body fat and increase muscle mass. Personal trainers at Atlas are the best.

음악의신'들과 촬영중입니다 이두분은 13년전 제가 청담동 파스타집에서 아르바이트할때 저를 캐스팅하러오셨던 분들이죠. ㅋㅋ 이상민. 이재형(엑스라지) 엊그제같은데....세월 참 빨라요
i’m shooting stuff with people from ‘God of Music’. It was these two people who scouted me in ChungDamDong Pasta house 13 years ago while I was working part time. Kuku. Lee Sangmin. Lee JaeHyung (xlarge). It seems like yesterday…. Time flies by so quick

Source: hwangbo at twitter
Credit: hwangbo at twitter, translation by simplyhwangbo

[muhan girls] 24.05.2012 episode 77, full cut

The acapella episode is out, Hwangbo is sleeping again. I wonder why she is so tired hihihi. Enjoy! click here for the direct link.

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