Sunday, April 29, 2012

[drama] 21.04.2012, 22.04.2012 사랑도 돈이 되나요 - can love become money, episode 15 and 16, hwangbo cut

wonder where is the son. he'd been missing for few episodes. in the following two episodes, hwangbo had more scene with her admirer. enjoy!

source: kate_grape at twitter
credit: misskate0516 at youtube

[muhan girls] 26.04.2012 episode 73, full cut

the primitive muhan girls were in action! hwangbo looks good in her primitive gear. haha. don't miss it. the direct link is here. enjoy! 

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou

[article] 26.04.2012 affection of the muhan girls

10asia was interviewing song eunni about the program (muhan girls) and the members. you can feel the good relationship and feeling between the members although everybody had different background i.e. mc, singer, gag woman, etc. i wish i can share more but my understanding also limited. enjoy!

source: 2hjforest

[twitter update] 25.04.2012 primitive muhan girls

원시시대로 간 무한걸스!! 내일 저녁 6시!! 기대하세요
primitive muhan girls!! tomorrow at 6 pm. don't miss it

source: muhangirls at twitter
credit: muhangirls at twitter

[endorsement] hwangbo and clride

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[endorsement] hwangbo and top4u 4

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[endorsement] hwangbo and jessi newyork 4

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[endorsement] hwangbo and muzak

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[endorsement] hwangbo and thiers

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[endorsement] hwangbo and persona 2

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[drama] 28.04.2012 사랑도 돈이 되나요 - Can Love Become Money, Episode 17

Only 3 more episodes before the end. the direct link is here. Enjoy the show!


[cyworld update] 28.04.2012 photo update

Hwangbo has really been updating her cyworld. hihihi. joy joy joy \(^_^)/

Fall out Pose

봉써니가 내 머리 이를 잡고있다. 
착시현상. 내손처럼보인다 ㅋ
Bong Sseo is holding my head. Illusion
It look like my hands . 

source: 2hjforest
credit: Hwangbo Cyworld

[cyworld update] 28.04.2012 wedding dress

I love seeing Hwangbo in wedding dresses. I don't know how many dresses she wore. She always looks beautiful.
이젠 결혼하고싶드라....
Now I want to get married

날 가져 ㅋㅋ
take me ㅋㅋ

뭘봐!!쳐다만 보지말고 프로포즈 어여해라ㅋ
What are you looking at?  Don't look at the proposal  eoyeohaera 

난 준비되있다 ㅋ
I have tendencies 

Wedding Show
Wedding Show

credit: 2hjforest
source: hwangbo's cyworld

[endorsement] hwangbo and sovomall 3

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[endorsement] hwangbo and moeimstyle

I am really loving those styles ^_^

credit: 2hjforest

[chakra] interview and photoshoot

Chakra was doing an interview. Hwangbo seemed to be a camera shy. hihihi. You can see Hwangbo in the first part of the videos and randomly in the other parts.

source: youtube
credit: Uploader at youtube

[guesting] 13.08.2008 MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star

Second Episode. Hwangbo is really funny. Not singing at the end, hihihi, but playing her imaginary guitar. haha.

Source: MBCentertainment at youtube
CreditMBCentertainment at youtube

[guesting] 30.07.2008 MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star

Going back in time, when Hwangbo was guesting Radio Star with Shin Ji from Koyote. It was a really fun episode. Enjoy.

Source: MBCentertainment
Credit: MBCentertainment, uploader

[cyworld update] 23.04.2012 Pictures Pictures Pictures

I am really happy Unni is uploading so many pictures in her Cyworld. hihihi. The Joy of seeing our Angel.
Boobs Boobs (I guess her cat love her boobies hihihi)

이형석쌤 오픈
Teacher Lee Hyung Suk Opening

고은경쌤 생파. 
Teacher Go EunGyeong Birthday Party

아들래미 너무 컸어. 
이제 업고 촬영하기엔...>.<
My son grew.
Now it's time for piggyback and shooting...>.<

Credit: 2hjforest
Source: Hwangbo's Cyworld

[drama] 22.04.2012 사랑도 돈이 되나요 - Can Love Become Money, Episode 16

Source: 2hjforest
Credit: 阿贵哥aguige

[drama] 21.04.2012 사랑도 돈이 되나요 - Can Love Become Money, Episode 15

Credit: qqdisk

Sunday, April 22, 2012

[twitter update] 21.04.2012 thankful message

형제 여러분, 우리는 여러분에 대해서 항상 하나님께 감사하지 않을 수 없습니다. 이것이 당연한은 여러분의 믿음이 점점 크게 자라고 여러분이 서로 극진히 사랑하고 있기 때문입니다
Brothers and sisters, we are always thankful to God for everyone and nothing else can be. This is for everyone to grow bigger faith and for everyone's hospitable love. 

source: hwangbo's twitter
credit: dongho and ukisskorea_eng at twitter

[endorsement] hwangbo and accessorize

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[endorsement] hwangbo and ahnko

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[cyworld update] 20.04.2012 hwangbo and friends

Hwangbo is hanging out with friends mostly with you can see her close friendship with Shin Bong Sung in a few pictures.

간만에 배부르게 먹음 ㅠ
후폭풍으로 운동 ㅠ
At Ganman eating healthy.
Hupokpoong for exercise.

여자들끼리 놀아도 잼나.
뜻하지않은 급부산여행.
알아가는 인생이야기.
이들 모두를 위해 기도하겠어.
Exciting to play with girls too.
Mountain Travel unexpected benefits.
Getting to know the life stories.
I'll pray for them all.

With Chung Woo Eonni 247.

고모 이게뭐야~~??
난 왜 고모가 되기싫지...ㅠ
내 기억속에 고모란사람들은 모두 나빴으니까. 
나라도 그런고모들이 되지않겠어.
Aunty what is this??
Why I hate being an aunt.
My memories of  aunts are bad.
euh I dont like my aunt.
A country where aunts don't exist.
 (Not sure about the translation)
너무 먹었다. 
그래도 맛있던 새우.
I hate a lot but only shrimps.
정상훈오빠하는 뮤지컬 카페인. 
다들 너므 잘하심.  
Jeong Sang Hun Oppa musical Cafeine.
Everyone were great.

픽업나와주신 된장녀 박여사님. ㅋㅋ
Pick-up and gave bean Paste lady By Park YeoSa-Nim hihihi

가방 무거웠어 ...ㅠ
My Bag was heavy T.T

Credits: 2hjforest
Source: Hwangbo's cyworld

[cyworld update] 20.04.2012 cuteness overloaded

Hwangbo uploaded many pictures of her. She's doing  aegyo Cuteness overload ^^

I seem Crazy

아이들도 깨끗해지고 내 마음도 깨끗해지고
Children and my mind are clean and clear

대체 우리가 어디갔단말이냐
Go Philippines.
Did he mean an alternative where we are
고등학교선배 명희언니. 
아. 교복입고 놀때가 좋았지. 
병원복 어여벗고 놀자.
High School Senior Myeong Hee Eonni.
AH,  the old days wearing our uniforms.
Take off your hospital grown and let's play.

남들은 자고나면 얼굴붓는데
나는 입술만 붓는다 ㅠ
그럼 저녁까지 부어있던가. 

나도 이러면서 통화하는구나...
I am on the phone while doing this.

Credits: 2hjforest