Sunday, April 22, 2012

[cyworld update] 20.04.2012 hwangbo and friends

Hwangbo is hanging out with friends mostly with you can see her close friendship with Shin Bong Sung in a few pictures.

간만에 배부르게 먹음 ㅠ
후폭풍으로 운동 ㅠ
At Ganman eating healthy.
Hupokpoong for exercise.

여자들끼리 놀아도 잼나.
뜻하지않은 급부산여행.
알아가는 인생이야기.
이들 모두를 위해 기도하겠어.
Exciting to play with girls too.
Mountain Travel unexpected benefits.
Getting to know the life stories.
I'll pray for them all.

With Chung Woo Eonni 247.

고모 이게뭐야~~??
난 왜 고모가 되기싫지...ㅠ
내 기억속에 고모란사람들은 모두 나빴으니까. 
나라도 그런고모들이 되지않겠어.
Aunty what is this??
Why I hate being an aunt.
My memories of  aunts are bad.
euh I dont like my aunt.
A country where aunts don't exist.
 (Not sure about the translation)
너무 먹었다. 
그래도 맛있던 새우.
I hate a lot but only shrimps.
정상훈오빠하는 뮤지컬 카페인. 
다들 너므 잘하심.  
Jeong Sang Hun Oppa musical Cafeine.
Everyone were great.

픽업나와주신 된장녀 박여사님. ㅋㅋ
Pick-up and gave bean Paste lady By Park YeoSa-Nim hihihi

가방 무거웠어 ...ㅠ
My Bag was heavy T.T

Credits: 2hjforest
Source: Hwangbo's cyworld

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