Sunday, January 29, 2012

[project] first anniversary of simsontang

coming 5 february 2012 marked one year establishment of simsontang, hwangbo's co-owned restaurant. it'd been a while since we do something for hwangbo so this is great opportunity to celebrate with her. since 14 february is just around the corner, we might as well greet her celebration of love.

i did some survey and the following looks interesting:
some survey at soompi like this option too.
if you guys would like to donate, please visit here for instructions.
drop any question at

i placed the order and the greeting is as follows:
Congratulation Simsontang 1st Anniversary & Happy Valentine's Day. International Supporters love HwangBo HyeJung a lot! Have good business for many years to come and be healthy.
From Hwangbo International Supporters & hwangbo soompi

source: diary of an angel
credit: diary of an angel

[fun and fact] 28.01.2012 hwangbo soompi thread at 2 millions views

it was 2,699,371 views to be exact. it's even more views than se7en soompi thread and some other solo singer's i.e. kim jong kook, chae yeon, etc. however, compared to replies and pages of those thread, hwangbo soompi thread fall behind at 396 pages. i guess most of hwangbo's fans are low profile. lol.

source: hwangbo's soompi thread
credit: hwangbo's soompi thread