Sunday, January 22, 2012

[chakra] the guerilla concert

it's luxury to come accross chakra's videos at this era. although chakra was defeated by sharp at this concert, it's great to know hwangbo and chakra was supported by many in the past. hwangbo cried in response to much love from the fans.

source: carlita at hwangbo's soompi
credit, uploader

[twitter update] 20.01.2012 hwangbo peels the longest persimmon skin

감 길게깎기 기네스를 깼습니다!! 최고기록자가 174cm라네요 저의 기록은 226cm입니다 그러나 등록하려면 65만원이 드네요 ㅠ 저는 그냥 여러분들이 증인해줘요 ㅋ
i broke the record for peeling the longest persimmon skin! the world record is 174cm however, my record is 226cm. sadly, to have an official come and confirm this record, it costs 650,000 won. i’m happy with just my fans acknowledging this personal feat

source: hwangbo's twitter
credit: translation by simplyhwangbo