Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[guesting] 18.06.2012 Come to Play with Muhan Girls, full cut

Finally. I have been waiting for this all weekend. hahaha. This episode was really hilarious. Hwangbo being Ahn Yongmi role model because she's pretty and funny.  So everyone enjoy the show! direct link is here.

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[endorsement] hwangbo and jtiara 3

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[guesting] 12.06.2012 Come to Play, official photos

Finally Hwangbo and Yoo JaeSuk reunited. hihihi. This episode seems pretty fun to watch. I am super happy to see the girls in a popular program. at nate, the girls were in the top 2 after Running Man. Eun Ji Won is also part of Come to Play cast so I can't wait for their interaction. Muhan Girls Fighting! Hwangbo Fighting!



[mbc muhan girls] 17.06.2012 episode 1, full cut

so it's first episode of muhan girls at mbc channel. they numbered it to 1 instead of 81. hwangbo received a lot of attention because of her sexy shape. hihihi. enjoy! let's support Muhan Girls every Sunday at 5:20pm kst. direct link is here.

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