Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[mbc muhan girls] 17.06.2012 episode 1, full cut

so it's first episode of muhan girls at mbc channel. they numbered it to 1 instead of 81. hwangbo received a lot of attention because of her sexy shape. hihihi. enjoy! let's support Muhan Girls every Sunday at 5:20pm kst. direct link is here.

credit: uploader


  1. i didn't feel anything "extra special" about the episode, except they're in mbc now, but i still laughed a lot especially in the scene where they were all drinking and when they were(i think) suggesting ideas and trying to get the signature of foreign guys..(shinyoung trying to get the man's finger print...hahaha~) when they were playing on the chair..hb unnie getting attention because of her body/shape..hehe~ she gets that bg music a lot..hehehe~
    i love muhan girls!!!
    hope their rating go up!

    -dianne ^_^v

    thanks for sharing the link~ ^^

  2. You are welcome. True the episode was okay with some funny part. lets wish the best for Muhan Girls