Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[endorsement] hwangbo and moeimstyle

I am really loving those styles ^_^

credit: 2hjforest

[chakra] interview and photoshoot

Chakra was doing an interview. Hwangbo seemed to be a camera shy. hihihi. You can see Hwangbo in the first part of the videos and randomly in the other parts.

source: youtube
credit: Uploader at youtube

[guesting] 13.08.2008 MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star

Second Episode. Hwangbo is really funny. Not singing at the end, hihihi, but playing her imaginary guitar. haha.

Source: MBCentertainment at youtube
CreditMBCentertainment at youtube

[guesting] 30.07.2008 MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star

Going back in time, when Hwangbo was guesting Radio Star with Shin Ji from Koyote. It was a really fun episode. Enjoy.

Source: MBCentertainment
Credit: MBCentertainment, uploader

[cyworld update] 23.04.2012 Pictures Pictures Pictures

I am really happy Unni is uploading so many pictures in her Cyworld. hihihi. The Joy of seeing our Angel.
Boobs Boobs (I guess her cat love her boobies hihihi)

이형석쌤 오픈
Teacher Lee Hyung Suk Opening

고은경쌤 생파. 
Teacher Go EunGyeong Birthday Party

아들래미 너무 컸어. 
이제 업고 촬영하기엔...>.<
My son grew.
Now it's time for piggyback and shooting...>.<

Credit: 2hjforest
Source: Hwangbo's Cyworld

[drama] 22.04.2012 사랑도 돈이 되나요 - Can Love Become Money, Episode 16

Source: 2hjforest
Credit: 阿贵哥aguige

[drama] 21.04.2012 사랑도 돈이 되나요 - Can Love Become Money, Episode 15

Credit: qqdisk