Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[cyworld update] 15.01.2012 hwangbo and friend

황보 티셔츠
조천재 화백 작품
작품명 : 야상입고 쇼핑가자
hwangbo's t-shirt
jou cheonjae painting works
title: lets go shopping 

역시 등산은.......... 등산화가 필요해
climbing well .......... we need the hiking boots

source: 2hjforest
credit , rough translation by DoA

[twitter update] 12.01.2012 hwangbo and muhan girls

오늘은 해야할 일곱가지 일을 모두 마친 아주 대견한 날! 
거기에다 오랫만에 만난 동생들과 수다 3차까지!!
completing 7 things today turn me on!
it's been awhile since i met my dongsaeng, 3 cars!!

열심히 <무한걸스> 모니터 중인 일반인 황보!! 
이렇게 열심이랍니다!!~~
working hard, hwangbo was monitoring muhan girls
very enthusiastic!! ~~

source: hwangbo soompi
credit: song eunni at twitter, rough translation by DoA

[muhan girls] official photos of episode 58


[muhan girls] episode 59, preview

hwangbo was laughing left and right but yongmi was crying again in remembrance of her late father? i think the girls were doing psychological test again. this going to air tomorrow at 6.00 pm.

source: carlita at twitter

[muhan girls] 12.01.2012 episode 58, full cut

the girls were doing 'happy dubaedo', muhan girls' version of 'happy together'. as always, hwangbo laughs more than she shares. lol. during the punishment for the final game, hwangbo posed sexily while the rest throw water at her. direct link is here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou