Sunday, November 18, 2012

[muhan girls] 12.11.2012 episode 101, full cut

shinyoung and bongsun top every poll. and hwangbo was among the lowest? well. she is still one of the member. enjoy!

source: dianne at twitter
credit: hwangbo101 at youtube

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[muhan girls] 05.11.2012 episode 100, full cut

it's the 100th episode of season 3. the girls were cutting rice cake. they chose 'dancing with the star' mission as the toughest mission so far. they invited few fans of the show to attend some debate session for this episode. enjoy! and congratulation to muhan girls to came this far. i hope they will be more episode in the future.

source: dianne at twitter
credit: ktv06 at dailymotion

[muhan girls] 29.10.2012 episode 99, full cut

poor soul yongmi been bullied by the girls and the crew. good thing she didn't burst at all. hwangbo was so pretty in her indian-do. lol. enjoy watching!

source: twitter
credit: uploader at dailymotion