Sunday, December 25, 2011

[fancam] compassion band at 'cult two' christmas special

it's 'cult two' christmas special with compassion band. the panel was hwangbo, shin aera, naomi, shimty and jeong jae yeon. i hope somebody is uploading the whole show soon.

source: 2hjforest, baidu
credit: 2hjforest, baidu

[fancam] 15.12.2011 hwangbo at nun sensation event

source: 2hjforest

[fancam] 21.11.2011 hwangbo at 컬투 show

photos by hwangbo baidu

photos by playdb

source: 2hjforest
credit: hwangbo baidu,

[fancam] 03.09.2010 rehearsal for fan-meeting in bangkok

she's so simple, yet so pretty. this should be in the morning before the fanmeeting. cannot be the night before because hwangbo reached quiet late? thanks to suppika for digging this beautiful photo. by the way, the headband was presented to a fan, wonder who is the lucky girl. indeed, my first face-to-face meeting with beautiful person in and out, hwangbo onnie.

credit: as tagged

[muhan girls] official photos of episode 55

source: 2hjforest

[twitter update] 23.12.2011 serenading hwangbo

의리파 쒸스터 황보양이 파라다이스티켓 응원해주러 왔어요!!
마지막 이벤트 민우 세레나데를 의리공주 황보에게 바쳤습니다ㅎㅎ
황보야~항상 고맙다~!!너두 화이팅!!

@Hurgyu 수줍은발걸음~ 가사처럼..
이렇게 옆에서 노래 불러주시는건 황보님마져도 수줍게 만드신거 같아요~
ㅋㅋㅋ 22일 파라다이스티켓 커튼콜 영상&사진이에요~

source: 2hjforest
credit: hurgyu and puremae at twitter

[muhan girls] 22.12.2011 episode 55, full cut

i was so worried hwangbo will fall off the seat at the 'radio star' set because she rolf left and right. she was safe until the girls shifted to another set and hwangbo tripped herself while goofing around. kekeke. bong sun and shin young wasted no time to went all over her and sprayed the snow flakes. 

this episode was like hwangbo special. she got roughly about 30 minutes screen time, or more. i hope everybody shares ideas of what were the questions asked to her. among others were related to chakra and her kissing experience. i think hwangbo talked about the fraudulent management company again. and how she settled all the debts. and the girls condemn her answer on the kiss question. the lie detector claimed hwangbo was lying. lol.

boram talked about her relationship and scandal. i think she was so sad that those scandals not only affected her but also other party of the scandals and people close to her. and i didn't know boram and shin bong sun were tom and jerry? shin young was so cute in this episode. at one point she acted to spell 'ghost' suspected had influenced hwangbo. she hit hwangbo's back and yell 'get out! get out! get out!'. and she locked hwangbo in between her legs to snatch fancy bottle of snow flakes after hwangbo tripped on the floor. lol.   

during their session with mr. lie detector, song eunni have to answer 'i am a man'. song sunbae said 'no!' but she was pronounced lying. the girls went wild until song eunni asked them to check her bra straps. lol. the girls thought question for shin young and bong sun suggested 'i am a pig'. shin young was disappointed and said yes. lol! click here for the direct link. 

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: koreatv1 at tudou

[guesting] 22.12.2011 hwangbo at theater 'paradise ticket'

i think hwangbo was selected from the audiences to participate in certain slot of the theater. she was so shy and unsure of the overall situation. lol. the guy must be one of hwangbo's celebrity acquaintance as both of them twitted each other about the setup. the guy did pretty good job serenading hwangbo!

source: 2hjforest
credit: tjglmdud77 at youtube