Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[muhan girls] 08.07.2013 episode 135, full cut

omg, the last episode i updated here was episode 110. and the latest now is episode 135. meaning i have 25 episodes to update hopefully within this month. i saw many dead links too. maybe i should make 1 section to compile any latest link.

in episode 135, the girls invited girl group rainbow to play games. they warmed up with chicken-leg games, hand-pushed games (hwangbo won this games) and finish it with some sort of treasure hunt. lol. hwangbo slept a bit during their bus ride. enjoy!

some hwangbo focus during the show

hwangbo claimed her victory. lol

hwangbo me moment. like a boss. aigoo >.<

source: dm_ma at twitter
credit: candy752 at daily motion