Friday, January 20, 2012

[endorsement] hwangbo and aznavour 4

source: 2hjforest

[guesting] 08.01.2012 hwangbo at 'come back show top 10'

i am not so sure of the show's name. hwangbo, baek boram and another girl  were talking about their girls group back than i.e. chakra, cleo, etc. hwangbo tips the girls the secret to variety shows nowadays is to know popular idol songs and hwangbo mentioned infinite. filming of this show was done at simsontang.

credit: hwangboeveryday at youtube, uniquebizhi at baidu

[muhan girls] 19.01.2012 episode 59, full cut

an interesting episode. it started with the girls matching their character to animals. hwangbo was a deer. so cute! next, the girls visited i would say a psychiatrist? they played around as always until yongmi's turn to be hypnotized. yongmi talked about her father again and broke down. the other girls grief with her and cried too.

other than that, hwangbo laughed a lot in this episode. not to mention she gets prettier. i think she had sufficient rest nowadays as she completed her musical. i love to see hwangbo played around with shin young and yongmi. i hope shin young is not easily bruise because hwangbo kept hitting her everytime she made hwangbo laughed. lol. direct link is here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou