Thursday, June 7, 2012

[guesting] 06.06.2012 god of music, episode 8

is that the lee sangmin whom brought hwangbo to the entertainment industry? he was like 'omo hwangbo ya!' as soon as he saw her at exactly minute 6.30. hwangbo laughed everything off and called him oppa. lol. the direct link is here. hwangbo was around up to around minutes 12.00. enjoy!

screencap, thanks to irene at twitter

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at sohu

[twitter update] 06.06.2012 the muhan girls

놀러와 녹화 끝!!! 아우들 덕분에 넉놓고 웃었네!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 
playing and recording ended!!! thanks to all we laughed a lot!! hahahaha

긴여행으로 인한 짐 좀 풀고 집청소 좀 하게 오늘은 나를 불러내지 마시오
lenghty trip will result some pack and unpack of luggage (and ) that's some home cleaning. today don't call me

*hwangbo is going vacation?*

source: twitter
credit: hwangbo and song eunni at twitter