Sunday, January 8, 2012

[muhan girls] 05.01.2012 episode 57, full cut

the girls were celebrating new year and song eunni turned 40. hwangbo showed her dance skill and ability to cut paper with sword. lol. hwangbo always like to eat. very obvious in this episode too. haha.

n-sonic came to personally congratulate song eunni. minhyuk from cnblue called in and congratulate song eunni with kisses. haha. hwangbo was excited about minhyuk. actually the rest of muhan girls envied song eunni. lol. among other friends who sent video messages are infinity challenge guys, kim young chul, shim taeyeon and many more. congratulations song eunni! direct link to the video is here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou