Monday, May 14, 2012

[twitter update] 06.05.2012 hot day menu at simsontang

더운날은 심슨탕 냉모밀. 혼자라도 먹겠다고 ㅋ 
during the hot day, simsontang naengmumil. eat that alone ㅋ

source: hwangbo at twitter
credithwangbo at twitter

[twitter update] 13.05.2012 hwangbo and her red scooter

빨강스쿠터를 탄 청담동 건담 퓨리녀.... 알고보니 황보^^ 
saw a red scooter at cheongdam-dong.... turned out it hwangbo

source: shimty at twitter
creditshimty at twitter