Sunday, January 29, 2012

[project] first anniversary of simsontang

coming 5 february 2012 marked one year establishment of simsontang, hwangbo's co-owned restaurant. it'd been a while since we do something for hwangbo so this is great opportunity to celebrate with her. since 14 february is just around the corner, we might as well greet her celebration of love.

i did some survey and the following looks interesting:
some survey at soompi like this option too.
if you guys would like to donate, please visit here for instructions.
drop any question at

i placed the order and the greeting is as follows:
Congratulation Simsontang 1st Anniversary & Happy Valentine's Day. International Supporters love HwangBo HyeJung a lot! Have good business for many years to come and be healthy.
From Hwangbo International Supporters & hwangbo soompi

source: diary of an angel
credit: diary of an angel

[fun and fact] 28.01.2012 hwangbo soompi thread at 2 millions views

it was 2,699,371 views to be exact. it's even more views than se7en soompi thread and some other solo singer's i.e. kim jong kook, chae yeon, etc. however, compared to replies and pages of those thread, hwangbo soompi thread fall behind at 396 pages. i guess most of hwangbo's fans are low profile. lol.

source: hwangbo's soompi thread
credit: hwangbo's soompi thread

Saturday, January 28, 2012

[muhan girls] 26.01.2012 episode 60, full cut

the girls were divided into teams. i cringed when hwangbo's team lost the first game. shinyoung's team have no mercy punishing hwangbo, song eunni and yongmi. thank god the turnaround when hwangbo's team won overall games and they had food! lol. direct link is here (tudou) and here (youtube).

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou

Thursday, January 26, 2012

[muhan girls] episode 60, preview

it's winter in korea. the girls were playing (perhaps) winter games. they were divided into 2 teams; jongdan - song eunni, hwangbo and yongmi, hongdan - kim suk, bongsun, boram and shin young. the punishment looks horrible, defeated was rub with ice on her bare skin.

source: sulem at twitter

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[twitter update] 24.01.2012 flying without wings

hwangbo was flying

엄지도 같이 날다
omji (om jiwon) too together fly
source: shimty at twitter
credit: shimty at twitter

[muhan girls] official photo of episode 59


[endorsement] hwangbo and feltics

source: 2hjforest

[endorsement] hwangbo and aznavour 5

source: 2hjforest

[muhan girls] 27.10.2011 episode 47, english subbed

thanks to Rotal Ace Subs, 2ne1's fans (blackjacks) for subbing this episode. muhan girls were parodying 2ne1 and hwangbo became hwang dara. this episode brings more meaning with english subtitles. enjoy watching!  

source: carlita at hwangbo's soompi

[muhan girls] 19.01.2012 episode 59, hwangbo's past life

on 2012.01.19′s episode of muhan girls there was a little game corner explaining who hwangbo was in her past life.

past life name : edward
was once a: formosan deer
past profession: professional love counselor
cause of death: murder. she was being chased. she tried to ask for help from a passing woodcutter, but was politely refused.
last words: keck (choking sound)


[funfun life] happiness is within everyone

hwangbo used to write column called 'funfunlife' around 2009-2010. the articles are in korean and available at her cyworld. i agree with hwangbo, suicides don't solve anything instead think of people who love you. i am glad hwangbo finally found her strengths and new perspective towards life. with her experience and influence i believe she moved a lot of us. thanks for the translation.

I don’t like fall. When fall comes around, I become prone to loneliness and depression. After years, it became a never-ending pattern. So, whenever fall starts to roll over, anxiety and stress piles up inside of me. Before I know it, my usual autumn guests forlornness, loneliness, and annoyance have masked my whole heart. Yes, I am feeling the tumbling depression again this autumn. At this moment, I am writing this essay inside of my car while moving to my next schedule. The deadline for this article is very close; it’s making me feel incredibly stressed and depressed. Every morning I wake up; every morning the temperature drops; every morning more leaves dry up, shrivel, and fall. It’s so bad that whenever I see a lone person waiting for the bus to arrive, I start sympathizing with them. I begin to think ‘that person must be feeling as lonely as me’.

Four years back, I fell into a great depression. It was that autumn when I started feeling that fall was my jinxed season. No matter how much I worked, I wasn’t compensated for it. It burned me out, no matter how much I loved my occupation; it no longer brought me happiness. So, I began to work less. When I worked less, I found myself starting to hate the people around me more and more. I didn’t enjoy meeting with my friends anymore. Everything annoyed me- getting calls, giving calls, or even chattering useless rumors of others. I lived my life pouring all my energy into my computer, knitting, and cooking. I found myself spending my days away in front of the TV. When the sun rose, I finally found sleep overcome me. When the sunset, I got up and repeated my daily routine. I lived my life on my sofa. These days droned on and on never ending. When I got up, the only comfort I could find was my kittens. Forget about my boyfriend, he was far away in a different country. I was simply trying to endure life that autumn.

However at that time, I thought I was simply feeling unmotivated. I thought to myself that I was simply mindlessly passing my life away. The thought that I was depressed never crossed my mind. What shocked me into my senses was the sudden news I heard from TV. A series of well-known celebrities committed suicide. I was confused, ‘why did they do it?’, ‘what stressed them out so much?’, or ‘how depressed were they that they thought suicide was the only way’? At the end of the day, I questioned myself. ‘How about me?’

I decided to get up and do something with myself at that moment.

‘This isn’t how I want to live. What I want is to live my life smiling. That’s it.’

For the first time, I questioned on what kind of life I wanted for myself. ‘To live happily’. That was my conclusion. I started to wonder what happiness meant to me. What was it about life that made me feel the happiest? I took out my old high school photo album and looked back on my life. I found pictures that I took together with my friends smiling. There were also pictures of my friends and myself during school fieldtrips. The only concerns I had about life then was grades, my relationship with friends, or how I couldn’t afford clothes and shoes that I wanted to buy.

However currently, all these problems were settled. I didn’t have to stress about grades, I had lots of close friends, I became a professional singer, I didn’t have any debts to pay off, and I could buy whatever clothes I wanted to. The things I worried about during my school days were no more; I was living a life much better than back then. I thought that my life could’ve ended up very bad and I started feeling thankful how blessed I was.

But in life, when one problem is settled another pops up. It could just be that as humans, it’s in our nature to feel unsettled about something in our life. “The bigger life’s obstacle is, the more likely it is to overwhelm us” (from Vision and Revolution/비전과 혁명: KangJunMin). I once again thought about and sympathized with the celebrities who passed on, they saw the obstacle in front of them and they had no energy to try and jump over it. I decided it was time to straighten up my heart after realizing this. I thought about all the moments in life that made me happy. I loved my mother’s voice that woke me every morning; I loved to start off my day feeling the warm morning sun; and it suddenly came to me. I realized that there were many things in life that made me happy. I could breath, see, hear, and eat to my fill. I began to realize all the small things in life that I was once blind to.

Fall was coming to an end and my view of life was changing angles. I began to gradually pull myself out of depression. I discovered something new once again. The usual guests of autumn that mask my heart are only temporary. They come and go in a flash just like the autumn season.

This is what I think of my depression four years ago and my current blessed sweet life. If I were to disappear from the face of the earth, my friends and family would briefly cry for me. However, the world will still flow without a problem. Don’t you feel this type of thinking is very depressing? There is a saying, “the today that we live, is the tomorrow the passed on has always yearned for”. I continue to stay strong and live for the people who has passed on. In their stead, I will live the tomorrow that the passed on as always yearned for.

Is there anyone who is suffering from depression? You should know the answer to treating it deep in your heart. It is only possible to move forward by facing life’s obstacle. When one hides, the world does not come to find you. Don’t give up. Live like everyday is your last. Your sadness and loneliness will become cherished memories of yesterday. This is my method of recovering my heart. I hope my confession was helpful to someone else in this world.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

[chakra] the guerilla concert

it's luxury to come accross chakra's videos at this era. although chakra was defeated by sharp at this concert, it's great to know hwangbo and chakra was supported by many in the past. hwangbo cried in response to much love from the fans.

source: carlita at hwangbo's soompi
credit, uploader

[twitter update] 20.01.2012 hwangbo peels the longest persimmon skin

감 길게깎기 기네스를 깼습니다!! 최고기록자가 174cm라네요 저의 기록은 226cm입니다 그러나 등록하려면 65만원이 드네요 ㅠ 저는 그냥 여러분들이 증인해줘요 ㅋ
i broke the record for peeling the longest persimmon skin! the world record is 174cm however, my record is 226cm. sadly, to have an official come and confirm this record, it costs 650,000 won. i’m happy with just my fans acknowledging this personal feat

source: hwangbo's twitter
credit: translation by simplyhwangbo

Friday, January 20, 2012

[endorsement] hwangbo and aznavour 4

source: 2hjforest

[guesting] 08.01.2012 hwangbo at 'come back show top 10'

i am not so sure of the show's name. hwangbo, baek boram and another girl  were talking about their girls group back than i.e. chakra, cleo, etc. hwangbo tips the girls the secret to variety shows nowadays is to know popular idol songs and hwangbo mentioned infinite. filming of this show was done at simsontang.

credit: hwangboeveryday at youtube, uniquebizhi at baidu

[muhan girls] 19.01.2012 episode 59, full cut

an interesting episode. it started with the girls matching their character to animals. hwangbo was a deer. so cute! next, the girls visited i would say a psychiatrist? they played around as always until yongmi's turn to be hypnotized. yongmi talked about her father again and broke down. the other girls grief with her and cried too.

other than that, hwangbo laughed a lot in this episode. not to mention she gets prettier. i think she had sufficient rest nowadays as she completed her musical. i love to see hwangbo played around with shin young and yongmi. i hope shin young is not easily bruise because hwangbo kept hitting her everytime she made hwangbo laughed. lol. direct link is here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[cyworld update] 15.01.2012 hwangbo and friend

황보 티셔츠
조천재 화백 작품
작품명 : 야상입고 쇼핑가자
hwangbo's t-shirt
jou cheonjae painting works
title: lets go shopping 

역시 등산은.......... 등산화가 필요해
climbing well .......... we need the hiking boots

source: 2hjforest
credit , rough translation by DoA

[twitter update] 12.01.2012 hwangbo and muhan girls

오늘은 해야할 일곱가지 일을 모두 마친 아주 대견한 날! 
거기에다 오랫만에 만난 동생들과 수다 3차까지!!
completing 7 things today turn me on!
it's been awhile since i met my dongsaeng, 3 cars!!

열심히 <무한걸스> 모니터 중인 일반인 황보!! 
이렇게 열심이랍니다!!~~
working hard, hwangbo was monitoring muhan girls
very enthusiastic!! ~~

source: hwangbo soompi
credit: song eunni at twitter, rough translation by DoA

[muhan girls] official photos of episode 58


[muhan girls] episode 59, preview

hwangbo was laughing left and right but yongmi was crying again in remembrance of her late father? i think the girls were doing psychological test again. this going to air tomorrow at 6.00 pm.

source: carlita at twitter

[muhan girls] 12.01.2012 episode 58, full cut

the girls were doing 'happy dubaedo', muhan girls' version of 'happy together'. as always, hwangbo laughs more than she shares. lol. during the punishment for the final game, hwangbo posed sexily while the rest throw water at her. direct link is here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou

Monday, January 16, 2012

[event] 04.01.2012 hwangbo at vip premiere of 'dancing queen', video

hwangbo appeared twice, at the beginning and at the ending of the clip. and it'd been awhile since i saw hwangbo and lee hyori at the same place.

source: 2hjforest
credit, hwangbosub at youtube

Sunday, January 8, 2012

[muhan girls] 05.01.2012 episode 57, full cut

the girls were celebrating new year and song eunni turned 40. hwangbo showed her dance skill and ability to cut paper with sword. lol. hwangbo always like to eat. very obvious in this episode too. haha.

n-sonic came to personally congratulate song eunni. minhyuk from cnblue called in and congratulate song eunni with kisses. haha. hwangbo was excited about minhyuk. actually the rest of muhan girls envied song eunni. lol. among other friends who sent video messages are infinity challenge guys, kim young chul, shim taeyeon and many more. congratulations song eunni! direct link to the video is here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou

Saturday, January 7, 2012

[muhan girls] episode 57, official photos

source: 2hjforest

[twitter update] 04.01.2012 hwangbo and friends

대박조짐 영화"댄싱퀸" 엄욘세 엄정화언니의 정열이 가득한 영화 마지막엔 모두의 가슴에 깊은 감동과 메세지로 우릴...깨달음으로 이끌었어요 화이팅! 영화 재밌다!!!!!!!

source: 2hjforest
credit: dlsgudwltn at twitter

[twitter update] 05.01.2012 hwangbo and friends

연말에 못본 동생들과 신년 점심회동~황보,은이씨랑... 올만에 반갑고 즐거운 시간~~^^
the new year lunch meeting at the end of the year with younger sisters ~ hwangbo and eunni... good to see you after long time ~~^^

source: 2hjforest
credit: jenny2477 at twitter

[article] 04.01.2012 hwangbo at vip premiere of 'dancing queen'

hwangbo attended vip movie premier of 'dancing queen' which to be released on 19 january 2012. details here, here and here

credit: as tagged, compilation by 2hjforest

[cyworld update] 31.12.2011 hwangbo, friends and tom cruise

2011년 12월 31일의 일상
연말에 남자에게 고백받았다
day 31 december 2011
testimony from a man at the end of the year
i am happy
admiring character

2011년 12월 31일의 일상
나에게 고백한 세현이랑 ㅋㅋ
배우 황정민님의 아드님
귀여워 죽겄어 쪼옥 ~
day 31 december 2011
seohyun who confessed to me ㅋㅋ
son-nim of actor hwang jongmin-nim
happy and cute ~

유성쌤과 나오미
헤어중 ㅋㅋ
with younger teacher naomi
hye oujung ㅋㅋ

진쓰귀는 당나귀귀
jin's ears dangna ears

3780 망년회
클쓰 선물교환
3780 year-end time
christmas gifts exchange

클쓰 광주공연
크리스마스라면 당연히 남자랑 있어줘야지....
ㅠㅠ 안무 박은영쌤과
christmas gwangjoo performance
during christmas naturally man should be around....
ㅠㅠ choreographer teacher park eun yong

그래도 케익
therefore cake

영화 ''탑건''
그가 20대일때 영화를 봤다
미소는 정말 백만불짜리...
참치의 미소만큼..
나의 패이보릿 배우
what i want..
movie ''top gun''
tom cruise
he was in his 20 when i saw that movie
that million dollar smile
as long as he smile
my favourite actor

what is 클쓰? here i translate as girls (thanks to anon who corrected me. it's meant christmas). normally the spelling is different. not so sure of hwangbo's thought about tom cruise smile either. feel free to correct me. thanks!

source: hwangbo's cyworld
credit: hwangbo's cyworld, roughly translated by Diary of Angel

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[muhan girls] episode 57, preview

what's the girls were celebrating? hwangbo was wearing hanbok and the banner was congratulating song eunni. nsonic was coming again and one of them kissed song eunni's cheeks. lol. if i am not mistaken, the guys from infinite challenge dedicated their greetings to song eunni too.

source: 2hjforest

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

[twitter update] 02.01.2012 hwangbo and friends

새해맞이 인간혹성탈출 제 3탄!
<시저VS봉선: 앞니는 내가 더 이뻐! 편>
new year's planet of the apes, the third shot!
claimant vs bongsun: my teeth really pretty!

source: saru337 at twitter
credit: saru337 at twitter

[twitter update] 31.12.2011 hwangbo and friends

리틀황정민과 함께. 이모가 짱이지♥
together with little hwang jongmin. i am the aunt ♥

source: sangeun_ at twitter
credit: sangeun_ at twitter

[muhan girls] 29.12.2011 episode 56, full cut

this was the last episode for 2011. the girls were divided into two teams and their mission were to open a chest. it's fun how the team was divided. hwangbo was so cute hiding behind a cameraman. ended up song eunni and kim suk in one team and the rest formed another team. 

hwangbo, boram, bongsun, yongmi and shin young were in 'smurf' team. with some tricks and slicks, they won the game and the prize was, money! i think each of them had approximately krw50,000? they should buy themselves some nice food at simsontang. lol. 

shin young was so nice when she shared her portion with her vj. her vj must worked the hardest in this episode because shin young ran almost everywhere to escape song eunni and kim suk. lol. if you cannot see the embedded link below, please click direct link here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou