Monday, July 16, 2012

[mbc muhan girls] 15.07.2012 episode 5, full cut

the first half of the show was continuous from last week's episode. i wonder why hwangbo was gone from the race. the other half of the show was games time! i think hwangbo was bullied. lol. direct link is here (tudou), here (sohu), here (dailymotion) and here (youku). enjoy!



source: irene at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou, youku and sohu

[guesting] 10.07.2012 hwangbo at lee ji hye's secret

hwangbo answered the video call at her exercise place (gym). she just took her shower revealing her natural bare-face beauty. they talked about their friendship back when they were still idols. hwangbo was from chakra and lee ji hye was fromed s#arp. enjoy!

source: carlita 
credit: sonbadaktv at youtube