Sunday, April 1, 2012

[fancam] 31.03.2012 hwangbo at NAIA Terminal 2, philippines

hwangbo went back to korea. the other muhan girls went back the day before. part of the fans were coming the night before because they thought hwangbo will be around. that is why hwangbo kept saying 'i am sorry'. and the fans replied 'it is alright'. hwangbo was fulfilling everybody request. she always sweet like that. enjoy!

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[fancam] 28.03.2012 hwangbo and muhan girls at NAIA Terminal 2, philippines

i can't forget my experience fly from malaysia at midnite and arrived philippines in early morning just to welcome hwangbo. i went there with cha_stella without booking any accommodation because our plan is to find where hwangbo going to stay and check-in. later we found out she was heading to baguio (another province) for filming.

this is my sixth time seeing hwangbo in flesh. i feel very happy like it was my very first time. i shouted 'hwangbo' few times when she was at the arrival gate. many asked me if she recognised me. i hope i am not hallucinate because i saw hwangbo met my eyes, smile, pointed at me and waved. i think few times she purposely look at my camera and pose. argh onnie, why you are sooooo sweet. i can't explain how much i love this person i hardly know. with that much happiness she made me, hwangbo deserve every happiness in the world.

i didn't touch hwangbo at all this time. i only took photos. she smile at me few times and i smile back. that's enough for me. she looks happy. she looks pretty. i am happy too she received a lot of love from many people in philippines. by the way, her name is hwangbo.

when i arrived home in malaysia at 2.30am of 30 march 2012, i have meeting at 10.00 am and tele-conference at 12.30pm. the GM even called me when i was at ayala museum on 29 march 2012 checking out if i will be around. for this sudden trip, i took mc on 28 and el for 29. because hwangbo is worth it!

to everybody i met in philippines, you guys rock my short trip and i owe you guys a lot. thanks for supporting hwangbo. she's very much like a sister to me. so thank you for supporting my sister. fudge, cati, bluesaphire, dianne, rose, pristine, bebe, gust, and many more who had been introduced to me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you and lots of love.

i love everybody who love hwangbo. doesn't mean i need to follow you guys at twitter or twit each other everyday. so i apology if i didn't follow back. i would love though if you guys tag me for question or sharing. anything for hwangbo. and if you guys are coming down to malaysia particularly kuala lumpur, please get my free tour guide. i am so excited for jini and pristine to be here in november. and bebe, i remember the wedding in may. do hello me if you are here!

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[twitter update] 27.03.2012 muhan girls and hotchicksbyj

은이언니,무한걸스맴버들 공연 잘하고오세용~~^^ 
eunni onnie, muhan girls member performed well~~^^

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[fancam] 29.03.2012 muhan girls perform in baguio, philippines

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[muhan girls] 29.03.2012 the girls perform in baguio, philippines

the girls performed 'lovey dovey' from t-ara and korean traditional song. why hwangbo was so cute? this might sound pervert, but her legs are perfectly georgeous!

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