Tuesday, January 3, 2012

[twitter update] 02.01.2012 hwangbo and friends

새해맞이 인간혹성탈출 제 3탄!
<시저VS봉선: 앞니는 내가 더 이뻐! 편>
new year's planet of the apes, the third shot!
claimant vs bongsun: my teeth really pretty!

source: saru337 at twitter
credit: saru337 at twitter

[twitter update] 31.12.2011 hwangbo and friends

리틀황정민과 함께. 이모가 짱이지♥
together with little hwang jongmin. i am the aunt ♥

source: sangeun_ at twitter
credit: sangeun_ at twitter

[muhan girls] 29.12.2011 episode 56, full cut

this was the last episode for 2011. the girls were divided into two teams and their mission were to open a chest. it's fun how the team was divided. hwangbo was so cute hiding behind a cameraman. ended up song eunni and kim suk in one team and the rest formed another team. 

hwangbo, boram, bongsun, yongmi and shin young were in 'smurf' team. with some tricks and slicks, they won the game and the prize was, money! i think each of them had approximately krw50,000? they should buy themselves some nice food at simsontang. lol. 

shin young was so nice when she shared her portion with her vj. her vj must worked the hardest in this episode because shin young ran almost everywhere to escape song eunni and kim suk. lol. if you cannot see the embedded link below, please click direct link here.

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou