non-malaysian fans can donate through paypal at whilst malaysian fans can donate through CIMB or Maybank accounts (accounts number is given upon request). to present true and fair utilisation, all donation and expenses will be updated here. should you didn't see your donation, feel free to complaint at the comment box. 

imur100 - USA [soompi] USD35
missauditor - malaysia [DoA/4hwangbo] USD200
irenecwailan - singapore [twitter] SGD35
nkfluffy - malaysia [twitter] MYR30
kyoko - malaysia [email] MYR30
roadsidelions - australia [soompi] USD20
lissa - philippines [soompi] MYR30
jdchong - philippines [email] MYR30
spazzer2012 - philippines [soompi] USD15

rice donation for hwangbo's musical debut USD216