Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[muhan girls] 22.07.2013 episode 137, screecap

hwangbo focus

the girls

next week's preview. it's going to be crazy. lol. 

source: uploader at dailymotion
credit: screencap by me

[muhan girls] 22.07.2013 episode 137, full cut

interesting episode. muhan girls continue their food related competition with 'sik star'. overall muhan girls were defeated and 'sik star' won krw450,000. the girls were punished to eat super hot naengmyeon. hwangbo spicy tolerance quiet good though. 

next the girls were gathered at mbc office to discuss their next mission; based on current top variety show in korea. the girls made fun of each other here. lol. poor boram. she was bullied all the time. hwangbo made mistake here proposing to have father version in muhan girls (they were discussing appa eodiga here) but the other girls quickly highlight that yongmi's father had passed away. hwangbo was very sorry. great yongmi lighthen the mood with jokes. lol. seriously the girls were very funny the whole time here. the girls decided to do camping for their next mission 

than it jump to their camping trip. i cannot catch up the location. the girls started with making and presenting food for the camping menu. by the way they called hwangbo pocahontas in this episode. probably her style for the day. i like it. pretty! 

source: dm_ma at twitter
credit: uploader at dailymotion