Thursday, August 9, 2012

[event] hwangbo to visit LA, United States

August 11, 2012 
Venue: Koreans Grace Church
Time: 7:00 PM
Address: 1645 W Valencia Dr. Fullerton CA 92833 or 150 S Brookhurst Rd. Fullerton CA 92833
Fee: USD15.00 (available at the venue so come early)

August 12, 2012 
Venue: Church of Love
Time: 7:00 PM
Address: 1111 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90012
Fee: USD10.00 (available at the venue so come early)

Additional info:
- other celebrities are lee sangmi, park miseon and song eunni
- the ladies will talk about christian
- susanLA at soompi are gathering fans who want to join her

source: susanLA and aznfemale_59 at soompi
creditsusanLA and aznfemale_59 at soompi


  1. Thank you Ms. A for posting it here hope more supporters in LA area can join us ...the more the merrier :)


    1. hi Susan! :) This is Joyce! i would love to go with you guys!!! ^^ Hwangbo is one of my role model in life.. I'm kinda shy to go by myself and I don't want to be left out coz I know it's a Korean Church and all.. and I'm not Korean but I love their culture. Im so excited to see her! Can you please give me some more info about the group meet up on Sunday.. like where and when are we meeting up. I'll appreciate it a lot!!! yeeee so excited! thanks!

    2. Hi Susan and Joyce. I'm Rose. I've been thinking of going too since I live in Cali. and this is a rare event. Of course, also because I'm a big fan of hwangbo! Can you give more info. about the group meet up as well. I really hope I can go. It would be too awesome!!!

  2. no prob susan! anything for hwangbo. i hope you able to gather more people. can you leave your twitter ID here so easier for people to contact you? thanks!

  3. let me know guys.. please! about for more info for sunday! :) -joyce ^^

  4. joyce and rose, based on susan's reply at the chatbox, she will be at the fullerton event at 5:30PM. there are 2 entrance to the bldg. she will meet at the Valencia entrance. her twitter ID is @susancali