Thursday, July 5, 2012

[guesting] 01.07.2012 lee seung yeon and 100 women, translation

i super love their friendship. lee eun smile brightly listening to hwangbo messages and hwangbo sincerely prayed for her dongsaeng happiness. here some article (by allkpop) related to the show too. enjoy!

MC: Lee Eun-shi, you were the youngest from the group and had a very shy personality. Why did you decided to join the group?
Eun: Ten years ago, I was studying at a computer school. When I was eating Dukbokki in Kangnam Yeok, I was casted by a passing car.
MC: Car?
Eun: Producer Lee SangIn and a management person came out of the car. Even though being an entertainer, the character is not who I am, but when I think about it now, the reason I was able to have this career was because I was curious and had a lot of fun. Unnie, members gave me lots of love and I felt that since I was the youngest in the group, everyone gave me lots of love and attention!
MC: Your members from the past send you a cheering message.
MC: Even with her busy schedule she send you a message.
Hwangbo: Hello there! This is Hwangbo! I know everything about Lee Eun and she's like my own family.
Eun: I think I am going to tear up!

Question: Did you predict Lee Eun going to get married first?
Hwangbo: among members we thought about who'll get marry first, we know it's going to be Eun-ie. Isn't it always the unexpected person to get married first? See, she got married first!

Question: During height of their activities
Hwangbo: During the heights of our career, sometimes we had 8 to 10 events which made us very tired. Even though the car carrying us to the event was going very fast, Eun was able to sleep. She was so tired, she was drooling in her sleep. For me, instead of wiping her drool from her chin, i was just holding on her chin letting it drool. When she woke up she got so embarrassed. I am that kind of unnie (jokester). I did a lot for her, except change her diaper (she meant that she raised her). It's just an old story.

Question: Video message to Eun
Hwangbo: Eun-ahi! Your real name is Lee Kyung Eue. Remember the time we met for the first time? Since then our lives are forever linked. Even though we are no longer Chakra, I had this idea and felt that I needed to take the responsibility for your well-being. Because of my concern toward you I nag a lot because I was afraid you might stray far from the right direction. You may not notice it but I cried bucket the day you got married. (I think HB was proud of her little sister). I just wanted to say thank you for living a happy life. Even now, you treat me and respect me like your own older sister, I thank you. Just like now, I want you to have and live a happy, bright future! Eue, Always happy!

Eue: I didn't know it was unnie, I am so sorry I cried easily. She was the unnie that gave me strength.
MC: From the first time you saw her today, why don't you send a video message to her?
Eun: I was shedding tears, because I've always known unnie's kindness and strength she gave me. I can't thank you enough
Eun: *looking at the audience* You can't all cry?

source: hwangbo soompi
credit: syesaysblog


  1. i cried when i saw the vid, the part of hwang bo & lee eun, even though i didn't understand what was being said... even the studio audience were touched by them and cried along.
    i also love the friendship and sisterhood that they formed when they were chakra. maybe they were the closest of the members(?) or maybe because she was really young when they debuted(i think she said she was just 16 then) so unnie felt most responsibility to her as a leader/unnie.
    i hope chakra members can have a reunion on a program.

    lvk unnie, thank you for sharing the translation ^^

    -dianne ^_^v

  2. Aww.... this is sooo sweet...Hwangbo Unnie...U are my hero!!!

  3. I cried....unnie is so sweet...