Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[compassion] 22.05.2011 hwangbo and friends

HB, Today! 울이 HB님은 보기만하면 모든 시름과 걱정을 잊게하는 에덴동산같은 여자이십니다!

source: 1loveHB at twitter
creditI ♥ HB at naver


  1. I hope Hwangbo will move to the next level and has her own talk show as Opeara, since she has a huge viewers and she engaged in compassion group. Good Luke for her. Hanine

  2. hi hanine! you are from saudi arabia? thanks for your support. do you have twitter? i think i saw some twits from saudi arabian. maybe you and your friend ^^

    i hope she has her own talk show too like oprah. in this world, i like hwangbo, oprah and angelina jolie ^^


  3. Hi missauditor, ya i am from KSA, Macca. As much I like Hwangbo ,some time I be disappointment coz I really want to see her in action and tough movies or vidios. Plus I miss her laughter. No, I don't have twitter. If I had , I would like to talk to you ^_^. See ya Hanine

  4. as much as we want hwangbo to be more recognised and do a lot of big jobs i.e. movies, music videos, i think korean entertainment focus more on their idols and comedian.

    so far we can see hwangbo every week at muhan girls. i hope the show at least feed your addiction of her and her laughter.

    you can create twitter accounts and twit hwangbo everyday ^^ although nowadays, she hardly reply to fan's twit maybe because she's busy.

    have a nice day and always thanks!