Thursday, May 26, 2011

[guesting] 20.05.2011 Dalgona, chinese subbed

well, hwangbo was not physically there but she was mentioned not by a celebrity, but by a celebrity's grandmother. lol. please revisit here to read why hwangbo was mentioned. she was mentioned at around minute 17:00.

the grandmother was talking about x-man episode 47. hechul  (of super junior) picked hwangbo as his partner and they played game together. the couple won second place in the game. here, i posted parts related to hwangbo-heechul moment. please find more at hwangbo5ever youtube channel. 

i also read, kangin (of super junior) was saying, he was once invited when hwangbo threw a birthday party for heechul which indicates hwangbo-heechul good relationship. well, i am not sure if they still maintain good relationship. enjoy!

source: baiduhwangbobar at twitter
credit: uploader at tudou, hwangbo5ever at youtube

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