Thursday, May 5, 2011

[translation] hwangbo conned by CEOs, shim taeyoon to the rescue

in sumiok (episode 4 on 29.04.2011), hwangbo confessed her harsh life of living as a celebrity. hwangbo began, “during the days i was working as chakra, one day our entertainment company CEO took all our money and ran. we worked really hard, yet we didn’t get a cent of profit”. but that wasn't all, hwangbo stated "her CEO also left a pile of debt to all the members".

hwangbo somehow got through that trouble and signed with another company. but, hwangbo got conned by her CEO again. all the hard worked money that hwangbo earned was gone and nowhere to be found.

shim taeyoon, who has always been a close friend of hwangbo, witnessed this happen to hwangbo again and again. shim taeyoon asked hwangbo, “you always get conned, what are you going to do now?”.

hwangbo decided to try her best herself. she was her own manager and driver. one day, hwangbo was in a rush and asked shim taeyoon to help her take a call. this one phone call turned into two, three and soon before they both realized it, shim taeyoon was hwangbo’s manager.

as their days continued, somehow a manager was added into their team. then, their small team turned into a small company! to this day, hwangbo is working together with shim taeyoon. watch this interesting show full episode here and hwangbo cut here.

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