Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[translation] leader hwangbo

in muhan girls episode 17 (31.03.2011), hwangbo bullied a girl (jiwoo) around the neighborhood and asked for money.

hb: do you have any money?
jw: i have some that is for cram school
hb: then can i borrow whatever you have left over?
jw: er…
hb: do you think i won’t repay it?
hb: believe in me, i’ll repay it
jw: i don’t have any money
hb: *pulls braids*
jw: *here you go*
hb: i'll watch your back in school, tell me if anyone bothers you

each of muhan girls speeched their promises to become leader of the neighborhood. hwangbo's promises to her followers:
1. i will set up an one on one blind date for you
2. i will never forgive those who hit my fellow followers
3. i heard the curfew time is 9pm for everyone, i will call your parents and extend the curfew to 11pm
4. i will buy everyone ddukbboki and beer once a week

song eunhee replied, “i go home at 2am though”. boram added, “i go home at 11am in the morning”. hwangbo cunningly added, "i will do my best so that kids don’t grow up like that".

hwangbo was selected as the best player for 'the Rose of Sharon has blossom' game too. watch this fun episode here.

credit: translation by simplyhwangbo, photo as tagged

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  1. Hahahaha...Hwangbo Onnie...I wanna be your follower!!! :D