Sunday, September 4, 2011

[guesting] 02.09.2011 actress house, hwangbo cut

they talked about fashion. hwangbo said she like exercise attires and one piece dresses a lot. hwangbo also mentioned about her experience in rusia when she was mistaken as homeless because of her fashion sense. airport authority called security to escort her out.  haha.

other than that, son tae young shared her see-through-blouse experience and yiruma talked about shoes and bowtie. yiruma played piano towards the end of the show and all the guest really enjoyed it especially the ladies.   

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: hiboong at youtube, lvk2010 at comment box


  1. Loving all of the episode summaries and article/twitter translations. I am really thankful for your webby.

  2. thank you for visiting this blog ^^

  3. When HB want to Russia, she was mistaken as homeless person because of her fashion. Because of the way she dressed later she found out airport authorith called security to escore her out.

    Thank you for the video^^

  4. thanks for the translation. i heard 'yonhae' i thought she was referring to celebrity >.<