Saturday, September 3, 2011

[muhan girls] 01.09.2011 episode 39, full cut

yongmi was not around as she was admitted to hospital. wonder what is her sickness. other than that, this is a fun episode. the girls were divided into two teams. hwangbo and boram was in 'sangbo' team or 'bo pairs' team. lol. so far, 'bo pairs' was filming in hongdae, thus you can see glimpse of hwangbo's restaurant, simsontang. 

the girls kept checking who is more well-known to the public. 'bo pairs' was very suprised when one ahjussi didn't know who was bongsun but knew hwangbo. lol. boram also checking the public in hongdae if they aware of 'muhan girls'. song eunni went wild when people in hongdae love bong sun very much. aigoo.

in this episode, hwangbo showed her leadership. she led boram most of the time. she seemed to know hongdae very well too. haha. i like her looks in this episode. her straight hair matched well with yellow shirt, hot pants and orange boots. well done cordi dongsaeng! 

in this episode, a new idol group was introduced. they are n-sonic. i can't wait for next episode of muhan girls because it's 'bo pairs' turn to meet the idols. haha. for more info on n-sonic, please click here. and if you cannot see the embedded link, please click here. enjoy!

source: irenecwailan at twitter
credit: ZZDGdd at tudou


  1. Thanks for the n-sonic link. I read on a Korean news site that Yongmi had pnemonia. Hope she's a lot better now.

  2. she was around during latest filming. thank god!