Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[oh my god] 05.09.2011 episode 19, hwangbo cut

in this episode, the conflicts were sick wife, wife having part time job as home tutor and dealing with hubby who wants 'aegyo'. you guys should watch it! this episode is very very funny, hwangbo's acting skill improved and so do the chemistry between her and the co-star. 

source: 1loveHB at twittter
credit: 1loveHBYT at youtube


  1. I also sensed that she was not yet completely comfortable playing her role in the first episode. But she really adjusted well and her acting is really natural and GOOD. I LOVE HWANGBO! I will watch anything with her in it.

  2. yeah, first episode, hb and the co-star is still adjusting. i am glad they adjusting well and quick.

    i think the cordi and the wardrobe improved too in this episode. hwangbo is very pretty and the wardrobe is nice.