Sunday, October 9, 2011

[article] 07.10.2011 misunderstanding of fellow colleague

please read full article on coming episode here and here. hwangbo wife and husband won ki joon misunderstood relationship with fellow colleague.

source: nate search
credit: nate news


  1. HI!! Im from El Salvador and I wanted to say that I really like your Blog because I am a fan of hwangbo, she is the best :D....

  2. Hahahahaa!! I didn't understand in the article what was the misunderstanding, because when put it in the traslator from korean to english or spanish it didn't make sense, so would you please traslete to english please ? I'll appreciate T.T..

  3. hi bertha!
    thanks for visiting here.
    my korean isn't very good either.
    i roughly understand the article.
    rather than understanding the article, why don't you watch the latest episode. i just posted about it. enjoy!

    see you around ~