Monday, October 10, 2011

[project] supporting hwangbo musical debut

dear hwangbo supporters around the world, we are holding a donation arrangement to support hwangbo musical debut this 20 october 2011. to keep the element of suprise, we are not posting the details here.

interested party, quickly contact the following fanclub that represent your interest:
hwangboeveryday fanclub -
diary of an angel (4hwangbo) -
hwangbo malaysia fans -
joongbo singapore -
joongbo philippines -
joongbo u.s.a -
ssangchu heaven - email pending
ssangchu thailand - email pending
ssangchu101 -

if you are interested but none of the above related to your interest, and you would like to arrange donation from your own fanclub, please email for more details. i hope you guys are inspired by hwangbo's generosity and join this donation project. to all admins, fighting!

source: hwangbo supporters
credit: hwangbo supporters


  1. halo ~ i'm pigkychang , do you still remmeber me ? I want to ask that cann= i invite my china friend to join this event together ?

  2. i hope my answer at twitter clarify your curiosity...