Sunday, October 16, 2011

[project] to request hwangbo in 'running man'

anybody is not familiar with running man? 'running man' (korean: 런닝맨) is a south korean variety show classified as an 'urban action variety'. in 'running man', MCs and guests compete to complete the missions and win the race.

at hwangbo soompi, some fans raised their interest to see hwangbo in 'running man'. they came to conclusion to twit the request to the PDs. please join them and make this mission comes true.the arrangement is as follows. please ask kindly though. thanks in advance for your support!

tag: #HwangboRunningMan
twit to: @xxxist @PDjay
date: 17 october 2011 (tomorrow)
time: 8.00pm KST (korean time)

source: hwangbo's soompi
credit: hwangbo's soompi,