Sunday, April 15, 2012

[muhan girls] 12.04.2012 episode 71, full cut

the girls were practising hard for their trip to philippines. hwangbo was the cutest! watching this make me want to practice lovey-dovey dance move too! lol. enjoy!

source: hwangbo soompi
credit: ktv012 at daily motion

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  1. a must watch! first half of the episode was about the preparation and second half was in philippines. you can see the warm welcome of pinoy fans and me. kekeke.

    i saw familiar faces! the malaysian fan who was with me and got to hug hwangbo was in the clip too! haha. she must be very happy.

    hwangbo was in the same hotel room with boram. song eunni with kim suk and after so much hesitation, bongsun have to be yongmi's roomate. i think yongmi was said to be smelly, so nobody wants to be her roomies. poor girl. lol.

    this is a very fun episode. really got to watch it. enjoy!