Saturday, May 12, 2012

[article] 09.05.2012 hwangbo to marry a staff member from ‘infinity girls’?

A picture of singer Hwang Bo in a beautiful wedding dress has been released by ‘Infinity Girls‘. Hwang Bo participated in the most recent filming of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Infinity Girls – Wedding Runway’. During the recording, the ‘Infinity Girls’ members held a special fashion show while they dreamed of being beautiful May brides. 

The excited members gathered at a beauty shop in Kangnam, preparing for the transformation. After changing into the wedding dress, Hwang Bo revealed, “I promised myself that I would marry the man who sees me in a wedding dress,” surprising those around her. 

The members then joked, “Right now, there are many male staff members on set. You have to marry one of them,” embarrassing Hwang Bo in front of the male staff. Comedian Song Eun Ee then singled out one of the male staff members for Hwang Bo. This episode is scheduled to air on May 10th at 11pm KST.

source: allkpop
credit: allkpop

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