Monday, May 21, 2012

[facebook update] photos uploaded by hwangbo's friends

the photo was tagged by her friend as early as 2009. i think just recently hwangbo opened up her facebook to fans. the accounts seemed genuine since she was communicating with other friends from compassion. don't forget to friend her here

source: hwangbo's facebook
credit: uploader (hwangbo's friends)


  1. hope that is her real account..^^ and that she update with a lot of pictures..^^
    i actually sent her a friend request (i think) last 2010 but she only added me just this april..haha~
    i'm glad we can communicate with her in a lot of ways..
    -dianne ^_^v

  2. me too dianne. i sent the request looooong time ago. i hope hwangbo onnie have great time at facebook ^^

  3. I sent a request today and was accepted just moments after. So excited! Was wondering what is the social protocol to being her fb friend though? Just for news updates or would it be ok to comment and post/message her? Thnx guys