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[guesting] 18.06.2012 Come to Play with Muhan Girls, translation

i will post every translation related to this show here. should this post is updated, i will highlight at twitter (4hwangbo) and the chatbox. enjoy!

hwangbo’s ideal man
on episode 393 of June 18, 2012 on YooJaeSuk and KimWonhee’s Come to play, Hwangbo revealed that her ideal guy was someone who speaks kind words. Hwangbo stated whether the other party is handsome or not, if he speaks and behaves in a kind manner, he will become very handsome to her.

new hwangbo
whether it’s on MuHan Girls or Come to Play, a new impression of Hwangbo has been discovered by the general public- a simple down to earth normal girl. In the past, such as during XMAN days, Hwangbo has always displayed only her tough chic side to the public with her black belt karate skills that won against any woman. She was the ultimate super woman figure at the time.

then during We Got Married days Hwangbo has displayed her sweet, charming, yet cool side as a make believe wife. She won the hearts of people from all over the world together with Kim HyunJoong, her make believe husband, as the ssangchu couple.

although in the past Hwangbo always seemed to shine in the lime light, these days Hwangbo has been laying low. Her main schedule as a celebrity revolves around only Muhan Girls and the rare extra variety program here and there. During Come to Play, Kim Sook revealed that Hwangbo whispered to her ears saying, “I want to go home”. Hwangbo hurried to explain to everyone, ”Cameras make me uncomfortable”. This can probably be taken as a joke since it was spoken in a light joking atmosphere.

others teased that Hwangbo had requested to take selfca together with YooJaeSuk stating, “it feels like I’m meeting a celebrity for the first time” before the program began. Once this was revealed, Hwangbo fumbled with her words speaking non-understandable gibberish trying to explain herself. (It was so cute!)

on another note, Hwangbo is frequently seen laughing to tears next to her comedian friends on Muhan Girls. Hwangbo pays no attention of the camera in these moments as she turns her back to the camera falling over to laugh at the same time. In these moments, Hwangbo’s comedian friends make fun of her stating, “you’re like one of the audience members”.

hwangbo’s wish
hwangbo who is known for her husky voice and constant coughing on shows made a confession on episode 393 of June 18, 2012 on YooJaeSuk and KimWonhee’s Come to play. Hwangbo stated, “I wish people would stop speculating and spreading false rumors”. Hwangbo revealed that everyone thinks she’s a smoker. Whenever Hwangbo tries to explain that she doesn’t smoke, they respond with, “Oh really? When did you quit?”

let’s help spread world wide that Hwangbo isn’t a smoker. In one of the FUN FUN LIFE articles that Hwangbo had written, she stated she lived under a train way where she was constantly exposed to environmental pollutants. Because of this reason, her voice had became husky. (I will look for this article. I can’t find it now, it’s probably one I didn’t translate yet.)

hwangbo isn’t the only celebrity who’s voice became Husky. Baek Ji Young is also known for her husky voice, she had her voice change over from drinking too much and damaging her vocal cords. Let’s not be judgemental - first impressions isn’t everything.

hwangbo frustration over ahn young mi
on Come to Play, all of the Muhan Girls confessed their deepest frustrations. Song Eun Hee confessed “throughout my whole career as a comedian, Ahn YoungMi was the hardest to get along with. She’s so frustrating". ahn YoungMi tried to explain, “When I was polite, it felt as if Song EunHee Didn’t like it. So, I let go of all polite speech”. The rest of the girls complained, “there is no middle field for Ahn YoungMi. She’s way too extreme in her behaviors”.

in Korea, age is a very big issue. If someone is older than you, it is very rude to call them directly by their name. You should add – shi to the end, or call them by unni/nuna/hyung/oppa. of course it’s important to always speak in polite form until you become very close. however, the girls revealed Ahn YoungMi would call Hwangbo and Baek BoRam, “ Hwangbo” and “BaekBo”. Hwangbo confessed that once she even wanted to hit Ahn YoungMi because Ahn YoungMi was so rude.


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