Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[mbc muhan girls] 24.06.2012 episode 2, translation

Hwangbo’s Favorite food
On Muhan Girls of 6.24.2012, during a bingo game punishment Song Eunhee, Shin Bongsun, Kim Sook, and Baek Bo Ram were given the mission of “finish the giant bowl of Pap-Bing-Soo within 5 minute”. Hwangbo jealously asked, “can I join your team? I want some too!”. It seems shaved ice with fruit and ice cream is one of Hwangbo’s favorite foods! It’s really good~ perfect for those hot summer days. 

Muhan Girls Members revealed plastic Surgery
June 24th MBC 'Infinity Girls' broadcasted, members of Muhan Girls revealed plastic surgery. During forming two teams, members tried debated who had plastic surgery who did not. Turn out Hwangbo was only one did not. Basically she got left out from the members so Hwangbo asked the crew members surgical operation procedure can be include? upon agreement with the crew and MG members she join the rest of the ladies! I think she was hospitalized while back. Someone posted in FB photo of Hwangbo in hospital gown. Since she mentioned surgical operation, that must be the one she's referring too. 

sourcesimplyhwangbo soompi, 
creditaznfemale_59 at soompi, 

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