Friday, June 8, 2012

[muhan girls] 07.06.2012 episode 79, full cut

wow the girls played detective? at the beginning, the girls were divided into 'brain team' and 'no brain team'. ottokae hwangbo was in 'no brain team' and she had limited screen time in this episode. i think hwangbo took the game too leisurely. lol. nevertheless this episode is entertaining. direct link is here

source: irenecwailan
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  1. This episode was really cool hahaha Hwangbo Unni Can really run hahaha her Camera man couldnt keep up hahaha

  2. haha...yeah she get mad at the cameraman to run faster. lol. and she got oman's flag. i think she should say 'assalamualaikum'?

    eunni got brunei's flag. the only flag i recognised in this episode. and she should greet 'apa khabar' which how malaysian greeting too. huhu.

    and bongsun scheme with the public to stole hwangbo's bag. also how shin young took away yong mi's bag. exciting episode! all the girls looked pretty in this episode.